Ethnopharmacological Note: Note on the use of Blumea lacera for treatment of measles by a folk medicinal practitioner of Bangladesh
Mst. Hachhina Akter, Mst. Hasna Akter, Md. Tanvir Prodhan, Srabony Akter, Nurunnahar Akter, Joynab Sultana, Erena Islam, Mohammed Rahmatullah

Measles is a highly contagious disease characterized by high fever and a runny nose and inflamed eyes. Complications like diarrhoea and pneumonia are common with measles. The disease is caused by the measles virus and has no cure apart from rest and increasing the patient’s comfort. Blumea lacera (Burm.f.) DC. belongs to the Asteraceae family and is known in Bangladesh as ‘bara kukshima’. This herbaceous plant is generally found in the wild or fallow lands of the country. The Santal tribe living around Susunia Hill of Bankura district, West Bengal, India, use leaves of the plant to stop bleeding from cuts and wounds

Keywords: Blumea lacera, measles