Ethnopharmacological Note: Curcuma pseudomontana - a rare Zingiberaceae species plant of Bangladesh and its medicinal uses
Rashed Reza, Sayef Shahriad Ripon, Mohammed Rahmatullah

Curcuma pseudomontana J. Graham is an extremely rare Zingiberaceae species found so far only in the Naikongchhari forested area of Bandarban district in the southeastern hilly area of Bangladesh. In English it is known as hill turmeric, while in Bangladesh it is sometimes referred to as bon holud (wild turmeric) or pahari holud (hill turmeric) by the local people. To the best of our knowledge, there are no reported ethnomedicinal uses of the plant in Bangladesh thus far. The plant is also found in India where it is also considered an endangered species.

Keywords: medicinal plants, Curcuma pseudomontana