Ethnopharmacological Note: Pronephrium articulatum (Houlston & T. Moore) Holttum (Thelypteridaceae) – a plant with hitherto unreported antidiabetic uses 
S.M. Shatil Shahriar, Muhammad Shaiful Alam Bhuiyan, Mohammed Rahmatullah 

Rema Kalenga Wildlife Sanctuary in Sylhet Division, Bangladesh is a relatively unfrequented spot of forest area in the northeast portion of the country. This is a dry and evergreen forest and is located in Chunarughat of Habiganj district, which falls within Sylhet Division. The floral species of the forest have begun to be identified by various groups including Bangladesh National Herbarium in recent years. However, a number of plant species present in the Sanctuary are used by local traditional medicinal practitioners and most of these medicinal uses remain to be documented.

Keywords: Pronephrium articulatum, antidiabetic