Ethnopharmacological Note: Use of ripe Musa sapientum L. ssp. sylvestris fruits for treatment of jaundice
Samsun Nahar, Md. Atiqur Rahman, A.B.M. Anwarul Bashar, Mohammed Rahmatullah

Musaceae or the banana family plants, consisting of two genera Musa and Ensete are native to Africa, Asia and Australia. The major consumed Musa species in Bangladesh is Musa sapientum L. (English: banana, Bengali: kola), which is itself a sub-species of Musa paradisiaca L. (English: plantain, Bengali: kach kola). Musa sapientum L. has a number of cultivars in Bangladesh, like ‘sagar’, ‘sabri’, ‘champa’, ‘martaman’, and ‘agnishwar’.

Keywords: Musa sapientum, jaundice