Ethnopharmacological Note: Caryota mitis Lour. (Arecaceae) – A previously unreported plant for treatment of elevated blood glucose level in diabetic patients
S.M. Shatil Shahria, Be-nazir Farzana, Mohammed Rahmatullah

Caryota mitis Lour. (Arecaceae), also known as fishtail palm in English and palm in Bangladesh can be found in the tropical forests of south-east Asian countries. The synonyms of this palm species are Caryota furfuracea Blume ex Mart., Caryota griffithii Becc. Caryota griffithii var. selebica Becc., Caryota nana Linden, Caryota propinqua Blume ex Mart., Caryota sobolifera Wall. ex Mart., Caryota speciosa Linden, Drymophloeus zippellii Hassk., and Thuessinkia speciosa Korth. The palm is occasionally planted by the roadsides as an ornamental species.The roots and fruits of this palm species have been reported to be used by folk medicinal practitioners of two villages by the Rupsha River in Bagerhat district, Bangladesh for treatment of constipation, hemorrhoids, loss of virility, and  
rheumatoid arthritis

Keywords: Caryota mitis, diabetes