Research Article: Anticancer constituents from Canarium patentinervium Miq
Mogana Rajagopal, Tracey D Bradshaw, Khoo Teng Jin, Christophe Wiart

Antitumor activities of seven compounds isolated from the ethanol leaf and chloroform bark extracts of Canarium patentinervium Miq. including scopoletin (1), scoparone (2), (+)-catechin (3), hyperin (4), cynaroside (5), lioxin (6) and vomifoliol (7) were evaluated in vitro against the triple negative human breast cancer cell line MDA-468 using the MTT method. Scopoletin was further tested against three other human cancer lines namely HT29 and HCT 116 colorectal and MCF-7 breast due to good activity and higher yield. Scopoletin exhibited potent and significant anticancer activity against HT-29 and MDA-468 cell lines yielding GI50 values of 0.17 μg/ml and 0.09 μg/ml respectively. In comparison, positive control doxorubicin gave GI50 values of 0.69 μg/ml and 0.04 μg/ml respectively against HT-29 and MDA-468 cells.

Keywords: Canarium patentinervium, coumarin, anticancer, scopoletin, HT-29, MDA-468