Ethnopharmacological Note: Use of Cycas rumphii Miquel (Cycadaceae) roots to treat snakebite 
Md. Sohrab Hosen, Rashed Reza, Kallol Debnath, Mohammed Rahmatullah

Cycas rumphii Miquel, belonging to the Cycadaceae family is known in English as ‘queen sago palm’ and in Bengali as ‘maniraj’. The plant is native to Indonesia, New Guinea, and Christmas Island and is not a common plant of Bangladesh. Ethnomedicinal uses of the plant have not been reported to any great extent. The Nicobarese people of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands use the plant to treat fever (Chander et al., 2015). In Bangladesh, root tops of the plant are used to treat debility by folk medicinal practitioners in Bheramara area of Kushtia district, Bangladesh

Keywords: Cycas rumphii, snakebite