Ethnopharmacological Note: Curcuma mangga Valeton & Zijp (Zingiberaceae): a previously unreported plant for treatment of weakness, tumor, and acne in children
Janifer Kalam, Mohammed Rahmatullah

Curcuma mangga Valeton & Zijp is a less known species of the Zingiberaceae family in Bangladesh. In English it is known as ‘mango ginger’, and locally as ‘chotobali’. We are not aware of any ethnomedicinal reports on this plant from Bangladesh, although other species belonging to the Curcuma genus like Curcuma longa or Curcuma amada 
have numbers of reports on their traditional medicinal uses. In this report, we document the medicinal uses of rhizomes of Curcuma mangga for treatment of weakness, tumor, and acne in children.

Keywords: Curcuma mangga, medicinal plants