Research Article: Study of Antimicrobial Activity of Crude Extract of Morus alba L. Stem Bark and its Topical Preparations
Kandel Amrita, Dahal Anita, Shakya Sujana

The basic aim of this research is to study the antimicrobial activity of methanol extract of Morus alba stem bark extract. The result of the antimicrobial activities of the extract showed potent activity at the increasing concentration against E. coli, S. aureus, MRSA, P. aeruginosa MDR, K. pneumoniae and K. pneumoniae MDR, Candida species. From the result of antimicrobial activities of extract, topical preparations (gel and ointment) were designed in 10% concentration and evaluated using physiological parameters. The antimicrobial activities of formulated gel and ointment were compared with the plant extract. It was inferred from the result that formulated gels and ointment were good in appearance and showed potent inhibition against the tested micro-organisms which is almost same with that of plant extract. Thus, this study helps to explore medicinal potency of the plant being focused on biochemical compounds as a lead for the discovery of new antimicrobial drugs in future.

Keywords: Antimicrobial; Formulatiom Gel; Oinment; Morus alba