Ethnopharmacological Note: Notes on Knema retusa (King.) Warb. 
Olivia Aristomedou, Vandana Vishali Parekh, Nuzum Mahboob

Knema retusa (King.) Warb. is one of the 20 Malaysian species belonging to the family Myristicaceae. It is a distinct, endemic species, restricted to Malaysia Peninsular, Perak. This particular species is quite rare and relatively unexplored. This species is threatened and categorised in a vulnerable conservation status. The trees stand 6-18 m tall, with a dark brown, rough bark, with a red sap. The leaves are long and obtuse or retuse at the apex. Whitish scales persist beneath the leaf at a young age and turn greyish and glaucous as they age. The secondary nerves are 16-24 pairs, spaced with a 2-4 cm gap between each nerve. There are both male and female flowers belonging to this species, which are generally red or dark red inside. We observed the length and width of leaf blades of Knema retusa collected in the State of Perak in 2017.

Keywords: Knema retusa; Trichomes; Leaves