Effect of Pineapple (Ananas comosus) Peel Viscous Extract Concentrations in The Clay Face Mask Preparation
Marissa Lailatul Maulidia, Farida L Darsono, Sumi Wijayaa

The aim of this study is to determine the concentration of pineapple peel extract (Ananas comosus) which gave the highest antioxidant activity and to determine the effect of increasing concentration of pineapple peel extract (Ananas comosus) on physical quality, effectiveness, antioxidant activity and stability on clay mask formulation. Antioxidant activity was tested using the DPPH method. Evaluation of clay mask consists of its physical quality (organoleptic, pH, homogeneity, viscosity and dispersion), the effectiveness (dry time, face mask tightness and washability), antioxidant activity, and stability (organoleptic, pH and viscosity). The results showed that the higher the concentration of pineapple peel extract, the higher the antioxidant activity, and the effect on the results of physical quality tests, the effectiveness tests and the stability tests. The concentration of pineapple peel extract which provides the best antioxidant activity is at a concentration of 20%. Increasing the concentration of pineapple peel extract (Ananas comosus) (10%, 15%, and 20%) affects the results of the physical quality test (pH, viscosity and spreadability), the effectiveness (dry time, mask tightness and washability) and stability (pH and viscosity).

Keywords: Ananas comosus, antioxidant, face mask, peel