Pharmacognostic evaluation and HPTLC study of leaf part of the medicinal shrub- Justicia adhatoda L.
Mohd Asif, Swati Tomar, Anupam Maurya, Sweta Mohan , Rampratap Meena

In the modern era, the exploration of medicinal plants as an herbal drug has gained international attention and interest in handling various kinds of ailments. Conventionally, Justicia adhatoda L. is extensively used in the treatment of bronchitis, gonorrhea, asthma, leprosy, heart troubles, cough, loss of memory, tuberculosis, leucoderma, jaundice, diabetes, mouth troubles and wound healing, etc. The current study has been carried out to delineate the pharmacognostic stature of Justicia adhatoda L. leaf by macroscopy, microscopy, and Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) fingerprint essay for validation and description. Macroscopic, microscopic, and powder study analysis was performed by standard methods as established in the Ayurveda Pharmacopoeia of India. The methanol extract of the leaf powder was performed for chromatographical evaluations. Results expressed from the macroscopic and microscopy investigation divulge certain paramount characters in the form of the rectangular lamina, reniform petiole, and oval shape rachis having single-layered of epidermis embedded with blunt covering trichomes and sessile glandular trichomes. The study also exhibited centrally placed cup-shaped, half-circle shaped and circular shape vascular bundle in the midrib, petiole, and rachis region of the leaf. The presence of starch grains, oil globules, and prismatic calcium oxalate crystal in the parenchyma region of the leaf is also a noted feature of the plant. Thin Layer Chromatography fingerprints showed various spots at 366 nm & after derivatization. Findings of the powder microscopic study disclosed the existence of fragments of collenchymatous cells, trichomes, pitted, spiral vessels thickening, and fibers. The data evaluated from the current study will aid to authenticate and proper identification of the crude drug sample.

Keywords: HPTLC, Justicia adhatoda, leaf, microscopy, pharmacognostic study, powder study