Philosophy: Understanding the reason behind some patients are infected with Coronavirus/COVID-19 portraying symptoms and others are asymptomatic
Omar Ashraf Kamaleldin Ahmed Elsayed Elfar

Suppose we would look back and retrieve the basic principles of virology on understanding viruses' action. We would ponder on a specific analogy, which is as long as the virus did not find a host; it will remain in its dormant state till it finds a host to switch on to the active state then to proliferate and develop to spread out in the environment it resides at.Viruses have a complex structure on its surface, making it difficult for scientists to screen the whole structure to identify all the suitable markers on its surface to find potential drugs against it to stop its action and hinder its activity. Thankfully, we are in a developing era where new advanced technologies associated with industry 5.0 are present to help scientists screen the virus complex structure in a short time.

Keywords: COVID-19, asymptomatic, symptoms