Importance of natural products and their scope for future diabetic therapy
Begum Rokeya, Md. Asrafuzzaman, M Mosihuzzaman, NilufarNahar

Diabetes, a metabolic disorder with one cardinal finding hyperglycemia, is characterized by either insulin resistance or pancreatic beta cell dysfunction or both. Maintaining consistent glycemic control is essential for delaying disease progression and preventing micro- and macrovascular complications. Unfortunately, many diabetic patients fail to achieve and maintain their glycemic status. As a result vascular disease remains the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in people with diabetes. It is also evident that existing therapies for diabetes with comorbidities have several adverse effects. This review focuses on the regulation of insulin resistance and hyperglycemia and their management by some common edible natural products such as apple and guava. The raw documents were obtained from online journals and books using popular search engines. Edible natural products have the reputation and potential to demonstrate efficacy with reasonable levels of safety and also provide important clues (such as SGLT1 inhibitor & GPCR mediated activation of Epac) for identifying and developing novel antidiabetic drugs. Although these products are not currently recognized as natural source for diabetes but these could provide some novel insights into the pathophysiology of diabetes and its management.

Keywords: Apple, Guava, Type-2 diabetes, SGLT, Epac