Climate change: threats on the medicinal plants in Nepal
Swastika Acharya, Sabina Sigdel, Ganga Kandel, Prabin Adhikari

Medicinal plants serve a vital role in human survival. Nepal is rich in biodiversity and it is widely known for its medicinal plant richness, which is both unique and internationally wealthy. Studies have shown that there are various consequences of climate change on medicinal plants. We analyzed historical and contemporary research regarding the threats on the medicinal plants in Nepal accessed through different online sources like Research Gate and Google Scholar. The present study revealed that the climate change has a significant influence on life cycles and the distribution of medicinal plant species. It is evident that climate change is having a considerable impact on the quality and productivity of medicinal plants, morphology, secondary metabolite production, availability of medicinal plant species, etc. Compared to other commercial crops, research on medicinal plants in relation to climate change is intermittent and modest. The current paper emphasizes the urgent need to enhance our understanding of the effects of medicinal plants via diverse studies. The study recommends applying different adaptive measures against climatic catastrophes for the conservation and preservation of medicinal plants.

Keywords: Medicinal plants, Climate change, Impacts, Adaptive measures, Conservation