A review of the medicinal value of Ophiocordyceps sinensis (Yarshagumba)
Sushma Khatri & Dharma Prasad Khanal

Natural products are gaining popularity as a treatment and management option for many chronic diseases. This paper reviews the medicinal value of Yarshagumba (YG) and its effects on the economic status of high-altitude villagers. A 
total of 45 articles were reviewed to gather the information accessed through online portals such as Google scholar and Research gate. The result showed that, among different natural items, YG holds traditional as well as scientific value in medicine. It is a well-known and high-priced herbal medicine. Strengthening lungs and kidneys, stopping hemorrhage, increasing energy and vitality, decreasing phlegm, etc. are the potential of YG, but not limited to only this. Thus, scientific investigations into its biological, biochemical, and pharmacological features should be conducted to 
promote it internationally.

Keywords: Thitarodes, Endosclerotium, Mycelium, Expensive, Livelihood.