Sanjeevani, the elusive herb of the Ramayana Era: A Review
Taranisen Panda, Nirlipta Mishra, Manoj Kumar Kar, Master Apollo, Raj Ballav Mohanty

Sanjeevani, a term from Hindu mythology, can refer to a plant, mantra, or method believed to revive the dead. In "The Ramayana," it is described as a magical herb found on Gandhamardan hill in the Himalayas. This herb is renowned for its medicinal properties and has been used globally to treat various conditions like epilepsy, cancer, gynecological disorders and urinary tract infections. However, despite centuries of searching,the true Sanjeevani remains elusive, and its existence, whether real, extinct, or imaginary, remains uncertain. The quest for this wonder herb continues today.

Keywords: Dronogiri hill, medicinal herb, resurrection plant, Selaginella bryopteris, traditional uses