Cambodian medicinal plants: an overview
Sokunvary Oeung, Visesssakseth So, Huysean Hout, Lina Ly, Sophearom, Chhea, Christopher J. Hilleary, Sin Chea


Context: Medicinal plants in Cambodia have been used to cure various conditions and illnesses.  
Objective: To review the therapeutic activities and properties of Cambodian medicinal plants.

Methods: A keyword search was conducted in 2023, using databases like PubMed, Google Scholar, and Science Direct. Articles selected were published within the last 30 years. The analysis followed PRISMA guidelines.

Results: Most of the research focused on laboratory experiments with plant extracts; the balance relied on surveys to collect local knowledge about Cambodian medicinal plants. Demonstrated were diverse therapeutic effects addressing cardiac issues and liver diseases to malaria and chronic illnesses. Laboratory experiments demonstrated multiple activities from antimicrobial and anti-malarial to anti-cancer. Ethnobotanical research provided insights into plant names, habitats, descriptions, and medicinal uses, detailing treatment methods and dosages.

Conclusion: Cambodian medicinal plants, known for their safety and effectiveness, can complement traditional treatments and Westernmedicine for various illnesses. However, limited research calls for further exploration to uncovernew bioactive compounds with therapeutic properties.

Keywords: Cambodia, ethnobotanical, ethnopharmacology, pharmacognosy, ethnopharmacology, ethnobotanical